or how to deteriorate
IT projects


IT monsters

This game is based on actual events and true stories. IT monsters exist in real life.

7bulls will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death or loss (i.e. loss of enjoyment) from playing this game.

No monsters were harmed in the making of this game.


It’s not a depression. It’s cheerful resignation. Try it at home.

Mary Knot-Gnarl Architect,

Laughter is the last stage of despair. This game describes my work life.

Peter Lostovsky Tech Lead, HeavenCoders

It’s not even funny. No comment.

John Collapse CEO,


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Found new monsters?

New specimens? Something that beautifully impersonates new failures? Submit your findings. Let the new monsters be known. Please don’t nominate your CEOs.

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Who should we blame?

Andrzej Bieniek
mechanics engineer, pixel sowar
Izabela Rudnicka
bug fishing, Shakespeare’s tongue
Szymon Błaszczyk
silly questions and sillier ideas
Rafał Słabosz
all front-end bugs
Rafał Bawirsz
watchful eye, dancing with the print
Agata Łomanowska
miscommunication & diversion